Difference Between 1050 And 1060 Transformers Winding Aluminium Strips

August 16, 2022
difference between 1050 and 1060 transformers winding aluminium strips

The 1050 transformers winding aluminium strips and aluminium 1060 strips, both of them are used in transformer applications, and have very similar properties.

What is the difference between them?

Let’s keep reading.

What Are 1050 Transformers Winding Aluminium Strips?

1050 o transformers winding aluminium strips

1050 O temper aluminium strips can be used for variable transformer like low and high voltage transformer winding. These strips have excellent formability, weldability and corrosion resistance.

1050 O aluminum strips for transformer applications thickness ranges from 0.1mm to 3.5mm, the material 1050 (min 99.50% aluminum element) can be used to meet the normal industry requirements for foil conductors.

What Are 1060 Transformers Winding Aluminium Strips?

1060 o transformers winding aluminium strips

1060 O aluminum strip is a kind of pure aluminum strip, the content of aluminum can reach more than 99.6%, because it does not contain other technical elements, so production process is relatively simple, the price is relatively cheap,1060 aluminum strip is the most commonly used alloy in transformer winding industries.

1060 aluminium strip belongs to pure aluminum foil, with high plasticity, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. 1060 O temper aluminum strip is widely used in transformer winding because of its high conductivity.

Difference Between 1050 And 1060 Transformers Winding Aluminium Strips

Different Chemical Compositions

1050 O Aluminium Strips Chemical Composition(%)
Standard Value≥99.50.04310.2030.00130.00930.01040.020.00220.0039
1060 O Aluminium Strips Chemical Composition(%)
Standard Value≥99.60.04310.2030.00130.00930.01040.020.00220.0039


When you purchase 1050 or 1060 transformer winding aluminum strips from China, you should let manufacturer send samples or MTC to you for reference.

Now that you have viewed all differences between 1050 and 1060 aluminum strips for transformers winding, it’s time to start shopping for the right one for your transformer project.

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